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New Life Sciences Compensation Plan pdf

There are 4 Ways To Earn with New Life Sciences
  • 1) Retail Customer and Pro Dealer Sales Bonuses

  • 2) Dual Team Commissions

  • 3) Generational Matching Bonus on Dual Team Income

  • 4) Up To $6000.00 in Car and Home Allowances


You earn a retail sales bonus on first order direct sales to non-affiliate customers. These bonuses can range from as low as $5 and exceed $100 depending on the sale..

You earn a retail sales bonus on direct sales to non-affiliate customers based on sales of on-hand personal inventory.

Example1: A first order sale of a $129.95 Challenge Pack pays a direct sale bonus of $80.

Example2: Pro Dealer Sales packages are designed for retail establishments and Medical, Chiropractic, or Dental offices, for example. These packages are made available at times to offer great retail income to larger offices and establishments.


Team Commissions are one of the major income streams of the New Life Sciences Compensation Plan.
You generate volume through your down line organizations sales. You start by developing 2 teams, a “Left-side” team and a “Right-side” team.

Qualification Requirements: Initially you require only 50 points in personal Business Volume (BV) to receive the Dual Team Commissions. A t Manager and above, 80 points in personal BV plus 1 sale on each team are required to receive the Dual Team Commissions. Alternatively, with no personal BV and a minimum of 3 personal 80 BV active sales each month, with 1 in one Team and 2 on the other Team, qualifies you for Dual Team Commissions for a 4 week period.

How does the Dual Team plan work?

A typical Dual Team plan has 2 legs that each build down in a straight line, like an inverted “V” . Now, when you place your first 2 members, let's say you put Joe on your Left - side team and Fay on your Right - side team. Since Joe is the first person on your left, the next person you place on your left will fall to the bottom left position. This means when you enrolled person number 3 on your left, Joe is already there taking your first position on the left, so person number 3 will fall to the bottom left under Joe, on Joe's left side. Both you and Joe will receive volume on your left team. The volume will actually go up - line and be placed on each person until it reaches you. So, imagine if you had 50 people in a straight line down your left team and you enroll Sandra on your left, Sandra will go to the bottom left position on that leg. Now, let’s assume she ordered a 200 - point volume sale, each of the 50 people above her, including yourself, will receive 200 points on your left counter. Now this is really cool, when Sandra brings in people, both sides of Sandra legs count as volume for your left team. Your right side builds in the same fashion.

A simple way to look at it is like the old scales of justice. All of the volume on the left fills the left half of the scale, and all the volume down on the right, fills the right half of the scale. You are paid every time there is enough volume on each side to trigger a cycle.

We have a "250 - point smaller leg" and "300 - point larger leg" team cycle that pays $30 per cycle for your first 100 weekly cycles, and $25 thereafter.


Let us assume you had 1700 points on your left team and 1350 points on your right team, that would be enough volume for 5 cycles for a total combined personal income of 5 cycles X $ 30 per cycle = $150 .

So, for the 5 cycles, the system would remove 1,250 points from the smaller right team (5 x 250 = 1250) and 1,500 points from the larger left team (5 x 300 = 1500), with a leftover volume of 100 points on smaller left team and 200 points on the larger right team remaining towards your next cycle .

Note: There is a $20,000 weekly income cap per Dual Team Center ( ½ from Dual Team Commissions and ½ from the Dual Team Generational Matching Bonuses ). At Crown Elite the Dual Team matches are unlimited, however, the Dual Team Commissions are still capped at $10,000 per week . In addition, you can earn additional Dual Team Centers each time you cycle a new center 150 times in a weekly pay period . There is also a 60% cap on the company - wide Dual Team cycle and Dual Team match to Business Volume payout.


In addition to earning Dual Team Commissions, Managers will also earn matching bonuses on the Dual Team Commission earnings on their line of sponsorship Managers, up to 4 Manager generations. (See Table Below).

  • This bonus will match the Dual Team Commission income of all your team members for up to 4 Manager Generations, based on your qualification.

  • You can earn from 10% to 20% of the Dual Team Commission income from your team's efforts. This is a leadership bonus paid to you for helping your team generate a strong and profitable business.

You earn 10% of the Dual Team Commission income of all members for the first 2 Manager Generations, 15% on the 3rd Manager generation , and 20% on the 4th Manager Generation. (Including all non - Manager s that are in between these Managers). So imagine that you bring in a few affiliates, then they each bring in a few, and then those members bring a few, and so on, and so on. There could be potentially dozens; if not hundreds of affiliates you could be matching a portion of their Dual Team Commission income.


The most powerful Lifestyle program in the industry!

$500 car bonus each month qualified.
Requirements: Become a Presidential Director by having 6 personal active sales each team and 35,000 points in personal line of sponsorship group volume, 40% rule. Note: If you have a vehicle wrapped in approved company graphics we will raise this to $800 monthly.

$3,000 Home and Car Payment *
Requirements: Become a Presidential Elite by having 7 personal active sales each team and 100,000 group points, 40% rule.

$6,000 Luxury Home and Exotic Car Payment *
Requirements: Become a Crown by having 7 personal active sales each team and 250,000 group points, 40% rule.

*Just utilize New Life Sciences License Plate frames and have a New Life Sciences rear window logo.

These allowances are paid monthly based on prior months’ qualification. The Company will cover these payments up to the amount stated. If you do not want to utilize this bonus for a vehicle or home, you can take 1/2 of the stated amount as a monthly cash bonus.


All bonuses other than the monthly car and home allowances are paid out weekly. Pay cutoff is Friday 11:59 PM Pacific Time and pays the 2nd Wednesday from the cutoff (1 and a half weeks in arrears) .

What is the Trinity Accelerated Fast Start bonus?


  • Make 3 PLATINUM sales on your Left Team

  • Make 3 PLATINUM sales on your Right Team

  • Accomplish this in your first 3 weeks

The Benefit

  • You’ll earn 6 Fast Start Bonuses at $80 each for a total of $480.

  • You’ll receive 1050 Dual Team points on your Left Team and Right Team, translating to 4 Dual Team Cycles totaling $120.

The Bottom Line

  • Within 3 weeks you’ll earn back your initial Business start - up cost (your Platinum Starter Package), plus an additional 20%

  • Help 1 of your Team Members on each Team accomplish the same and earn an additional 18% of your start - up cost.

  • Help all 3 on each Team and earn an additional 60%!

As this duplicates with your team members, this drives large amounts of volume
through your Dual Team, taking commissions to higher and higher amounts.


Customers are the lifeblood of our company. That is why we offer the highest degree of quality products to our customers.

BodyDRIVE, Our flagship product is an absolutely amazing nutritional energy beverage, and after trying it we know you will want to share it with your friends and loved ones. This being the case. We wanted to implement a way to reward you for your loyalty and referring our amazing products. With New Life Sciences we offer you a way to not only earn free products, but also to be rewarded for sharing it with those you care for.

Everyone starts out as a customer. Although if you refer someone we will give you a reward credit for sharing. As an example. If you share a single canister of BodyDRIVE at the retail price you will receive $10.00 in Fast Start reward credits. If it is the 2 bottle $129.95 promotional package we increase the total reward credits to $20.00 per referral.

Once you've become a customer, you are then able to reorder with some very powerful discounts, such as, a single canister of BodyDRIVE for only $59.95. That is less than $2 a day for a massive 12 gram per day serving of super nutrition and a $30.00 discount off of retail. (Cheaper than a cup of premium coffee. Plus you get all our products great nutrients and antioxidants to boot.

Once you make 2 referrals you are converted to an affiliate as you are now developing a business and can then start to participate in more bonuses as you refer more customers and your customer group from your referrals grows. (Additionally. You can come in at no cost as a free member/customer. You will still receive referral credits on your first 2 referrals. If you have 3 referrals sales (Each with at least 40 points in team sales volume.) within a 4 week period you can earn all available income from team sales and even progress throughout the ranks for all available income sources without ever making a purchase yourself. This is almost unheard of in the industry and makes us a true people friendly business.

With that being said. Your new customers may also refer other customers as well, and by doing so will start to generate team sales volume for you to potentially benefit from.

Please refer to the Detailed Compensation Plan Link to learn about our powerful 2 team binary, PowerTeam bonuses, PowerTeam Manager matching bonuses. Plus learn how you can earn Monthly Bonuses from $500.00 all the way up to $6,000.00 for your Car, Home and Lifestyle.

LOYALTY REWARDS - $100.00 free product credits.

With our loyalty rewards program you can earn a loyalty reward credit for every 6 months of consistent auto purchasing. This reward allows you to choose up to $100.00 in products. There is a $15.99 shipping and processing fee on this offering. You can earn this every 6 months of consistent loyalty purchases of at least 1 product.


Once you have achieved 12 consistent months as an active loyalty reward member. You become a Platinum Loyalty reward member and can earn "BOTH" the additional $100.00 loyalty reward credit in addition to the right to purchase a new *H2 infused water ionizer at 1/2 price!!! ( **On the discounted H2 infused ionizer there is a 100.00 retail bonus to referrer and 400 BV.)

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Earning and/or income statements made by Asia Science and/or affiliates are estimates of what someone can possibly earn.
There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and earnings and income statements differ by individual.
The examples are not to be interpreted as any guarantee, promise, representation and/or assurance.

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